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Apr 2, 2018

Amelia Loye is the Founder and Managing Director of engage2, an organisation aiming to "help governments understand and engage with people and organisations in their community." At times, it’s hard to trust all the information we’re fed which is where Amelia's role of building trust between governments and communities comes in.

Hear Amelia discuss with David how open data and “data from [the] community” are important ways to help shape and design government services and policies. At the heart of her work is building trust and reliability among all stakeholders.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The Open Government movement
  • The expectation of transparency in today’s political climate
  • Making information more accessible to the public
  • Using creative treatments to engage
  • Reaching people “where they are”
  • What skills are needed to reach citizens
  • Campaigns vs conversations
  • How to get your management’s support
  • Data about community, and data from community
  • Distributing data to the broader government
  • Building trust: change the conversation from consultation to participation