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Apr 9, 2018

Martyn Wallace is the Chief Digital Officer for the Scottish Local Government Digital Office, aiming to assist local Scottish Governments in their digital transformation. Similar to what the DTA is doing nationally in Australia, SLGDO seeks to do the same but for regional and rural Scottish councils and citizens.

In this episode of InTransition, Martyn speaks with David about the challenges of coordinating change across multiple local government bodies and the importance of continuing to move forward digitally to engage and inform citizens.

Noting the negatives we have seen when private companies have not embraced the digital transition (Woolworths UK, Blockbuster etc.), Martyn discusses the role digital media plays in connecting citizens with their government, especially those outside major cities.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The growing need for government communications
  • Using digital media to connect citizens with their governments
  • Convincing local governments the importance of going digital
  • What happens when you don’t go digital
  • The role content plays in transitioning from traditional to digital
  • Creating the comms team of the future
  • Transitioning from the private sector to the public

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This episode originally aired April 2017.