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Jan 22, 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! To kick the year off while our host Mr. Pembroke is enjoying his time off we're going to be playing our most popular podcasts of 2017. This week, hear Sonya Sandham, a professional storytelling, discuss the power personal storytelling in communications.

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Sonya Sandham is so passionate about the power of storytelling in the public sector that she’s doing a PhD at the University of Canberra, to explore the evidence base for embedding oral storytelling in organisational communication practices.

Sonya started her career as a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald and the Jakarta Post telling people’s stories. She now works as a strategic communication specialist and over the past two decades has helped Qantas and state government agencies promote their organisational stories.

In this podcast she speaks with David Pembroke about:

  • the power of personal stories
  • stories are not just for leaders
  • internal communication and storytelling
  • what makes a good story
  • using emotion to inspire people
  • encouraging a story culture in the public sector
  • using a story buddy
  • audience stories on social media
  • using journalism skills to upskill your staff