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Through conversation with industry greats, experts and innovators from around the world, GovComms delivers the latest insights and best practice in government communication. We provide the resources to help you, the government and public sector, communicate policies, services and regulations with impact.

A podcast by contentgroup, leaders in government communication.

Dec 4, 2017

Jenny Muir is the Chief Council of Primary Communication, an Australian strategic communications agency. As one of Australia’s leading communication professionals, Jennifer shares decades of experience in media relations, government policy development, strategic community and stakeholder engagement, and high level advocacy. Jenny is the National President of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and has been a member of the Mindframe industry Advisory committee since 2007.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why the Public Relations Institute of Australia recognises over 1,200 job titles
  • Where are the challenges and opportunities of communications?
  • How can communicators become influential?
  • How has technology allowed public relations professionals to create more value?
  • Do executives understand how large the transformation of digital and communications is?
  • Why the public sector should be more vulnerable and more human?
  • Two ways to use the authentic first-person story


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