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Dec 11, 2017

Countries all over the world are slowly working towards building digital governments. While nations such as Estonia and the UK have built digital havens for citizens, other countries around the world are trying to catch up.

Understanding that the transition to digital-first doesn’t just happen overnight, we talk to Brian Lee-Archer, Managing Director at Accenture, about why countries should start investing in an e-upgrade.

According to Brian, there has never been a better time to start working towards taking your government online. It creates transparency, promotes trust in the government and increases citizen engagement.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of including measurement and evaluation in your communication strategy
  • Why governments need to a higher level of transparency, and how going digital can help
  • The dangers of countries using people’s data to track citizen’s
  • Understanding the political process is important to keep up with political communications
  • E-government isn’t a passing trend; it’s the future
  • How governments can create value for their citizens
  • The role content plays in the future of digital governments

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