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Sep 18, 2017

With the sheer size of the internet and the power consumers have to filter through information that appears in their social feeds it can be hard to create engagement with your audience. In the digital age there are so many options for each individual, so how do you engage them?

Bouncing from our blog post looking at the importance of storytelling to capture your audience’s attention, this week on the podcast we talk to Gabrielle Dolan who has been consulting brands how to increase the ability of internal and external communications through sharing stories with your audience.

Discussed in this podcast:

  • Building a connection with your audience through storytelling to create an emotional connection,
  • Using stories to boost engagement between yourself and the audience,
  • Taking a story from your past to implement something for the future,
  • It’s not the topic people tend to focus on, it’s the relatability and authenticity in your voice that will really grab people’s attention,
  • Looking at one her past roles which turned a snake story from a women’s childhood into a speech redesigning crisis management at their work, and
  • The importance of authentic leadership and storytelling in the modern workplace