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May 29, 2017

As the CEO of the Bharti Foundation, the development arm of Bharti Enterprises, one of India's leading business groups, Vijay Chadda is responsible for initiatives such as the Satya Bharti School Programme. The scheme provides free, quality education to more than 42,000 children from marginalised communities in rural India. He says he's come to evolve into this role after a career spanning more than 45 years, which has taken in everything from military service to sitting on various tourism boards.

In this episode of InTransition, David Pembroke speaks with Vijay Chadda about:

  • The military-influenced values that continue to inform his leadership and business styles;
  • The intrinsic Indian desire to give back, particularly among powerful conglomerates;
  • The Indian leadership's struggle with the near-universal problem of effective government communication, and the diversity of the nation that plays a major role in it; and
  • The prospect of a Digital India.