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Feb 17, 2020

A highly sought-after keynote speaker, educator and author, Gabrielle has worked with thousands of high-profile leaders from around the world and helped several of Australia’s top 50 companies and multinationals to humanise their communications - These have included Telstra, EY, Accenture, VISA, Australia Post, National Australia Bank, ANZ, Vodafone and the Obama Foundation just to mention a few.  

She holds a master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Swinburne University, an associate diploma in Education and Training from the University of Melbourne, and is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education in both the Art and the Practice of Leadership Development and Women and Power: Leadership in a New World.

Gabrielle is also the bestselling author of Real Communication: How to be you and lead true, and a finalist in the Australian Business Leadership Book Awards for 2019. Her other published books include Stories for Work: The Essential Guide to Business Storytelling (2017), Storytelling for Job Interviews (2016) and several other renowned works.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why storytelling is a skill in growing demand
  • Finding a balance between vulnerable and professional
  • How to influence without manipulation
  • Using the heart to reach the head – the affective power of stories
  • The benefits of keeping stories and data separate
  • Why all leaders should strive to be authentic
  • The risks of jargon and acronyms
  • Keeping messages as simple as possible
  • Gabrielle’s top tips for communicators