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Through conversation with industry greats, experts and innovators from around the world, GovComms delivers the latest insights and best practice in government communication. We provide the resources to help you, the government and public sector, communicate policies, services and regulations with impact.

A podcast by contentgroup, leaders in government communication.

Oct 11, 2020

This week on GovComms, we revisit a discussion between contentgroup CEO David Pembroke and Mitch Joel, a leading thinker in all matters content.

At the time of this conversation, Mitch was president of Mirium, a global marketing agency operating in over 20 countries with 2,000 employees. He has since founded Six Pixels Group, which is an advisory, investing and content producing company. Significantly, he also hosts his own podcast, Six Pixels of Separation, which has run for over 500 consecutive weeks.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How businesses and marketers can capitalize on the interconnections of modern society
  • The strategy behind growing your audience
  • The evolution of published content: from magazine to podcasts and beyond
  • How to go about converting viewers into consumers