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Aug 27, 2018

Todd Wheatland is no stranger to the world of content; he’s had leading roles in strategy for agencies such as Isentia, KellyOCG and King Content as well as a variety of boutique operations for over a decade.

As an early player in the game, this week Todd shares with us the insights he’s gathered from years of experiences and provides you with the tips you need to become the best content communicator you can be.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio next week keep an eye for him and say g’day and tell him you enjoyed the episode!

Discussed in this episode

  • Case study: how content drives change management
  • Thinking outside the box and breaking the rules to achieve the best outcome
  • How to measure stories
  • The power of the media to reach your greater audience
  • Using data and measurement to create content that grabs attention
  • Skills from the private sector that are applicable for public
  • Insights into what to expect from Content Marketing World 2018

You can find Todd Wheatland no LinkedIn here.