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Oct 23, 2017

Libby Varcoe, Content Community Lead at the Digital Transformation Agent, is no stranger to the content world having started around the same time that contentgroup was in its early stages. It all started with a conversation she had with a fellow communications graduate in a café back in 1997 who merely said: “look, I think we need to break into this content world.” And from then on, she was hooked.

Opening her own agency in 2002 called write-minded, she has worked with some massive names from around Australia including The Australian Museum, The National Museum, St. George, Qantas and many more. As a boutique content agency, she would help brands create and implement their best content strategies focusing on online channels.

While doing a nine-week contract for the Digital Transformation Agency, she was offered the opportunity to join the team permanently, which she took. And two years on she is now the Content Community Lead, leading a team of content designers to transport our government across federal, state and local areas to the digital age.

Discussed in this podcast:

  • From the late-1990s to now, content continues to become more relevant to the government and public sector
  • Departments shouldn’t just focus on a content team; all teams should have an understanding of content
  • Why it’s important to approach content proactively rather than leaving it to the last minute
  • Why archiving is important
  • There are over 44 million ‘’ pages floating around the internet
  • How making the government/citizen interaction online easier boosts community participation
  • Taking inspiration from and their approach to content – click here

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